Written by Michael Wark  (B.A. student).
Nominated by Professor D. Kinsey.

In March 2009, Sega and Feral Interactive Games released Empire: Total War, the fourth installment of the Total War series, and their most ambitious and grandest-scale project to date. Combining turn-based strategy with real-time battle tactics, Empire: Total War places the player in control of an emerging European empire throughout the 18th century, responsible for leading their home nation to glory and prestige through military, diplomatic, and economic conquests. The game allows players to forge alternate histories and gain historical perspectives upon early-modern Europe, through firsthand interaction as generals on bloody battlefields, trade merchants upon the spice routes of India, or as diplomats, brokering alliances or coercing opponents into military/economic subordination. The game also allows players to relive and engage in real life battles and campaigns, such as the American Revolution, through the “Road to Independence” introductory campaign.

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