David Dean talked to National Public Radio on January 13 about the first Elizabethan state lottery, held in 1567.  (As NPR notes, the lottery did not go well.)

Listen at http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2016/01/13/462982983/10-11-51-52-62-18

David Dean is professor of History and co-director of the Carleton Centre for Public History. He explores the many ways that histories are told through performance. See  http://performingthepast.com/.

Featured Image from Humfrey Dyson’s A booke [of] proclamations (London, 1618), courtesy Folger Shakespeare Library, reprinted in David Dean, ‘Elizabeth’s Lottery: Political Culture and State Formation in Early Modern England’, Journal of British Studies, 50 (July 2011): 594

Source: David Dean discusses lottery history with NPR – Department of History