Editorial Guidelines

Once you’ve been enrolled in the system, you can begin reviewing and nominating content. While you are logged into the system, under the Dashboard panel on the left side of the admin screen, there is a ‘Pressforward’ link. Under that link is ‘All Content’, which is where you will review and nominate items.

More information about how the system works is available here.

What should I nominate?

We have a number of categories of materials that we are looking for: Editors’ Choice; Student Course Work; Opportunities; Resources; History in the News; Calls for Papers. It is possible for a piece to be filed in more than one category at once.

Editors’ Choice

  • This category is meant to celebrate the very best material that we have come across in a given week. It should be work that has an impact, whether for the academy or the community at large. Items in the other categories can also be ‘Editors’ Choice’ items.

Student Course Work

  • Our students do great work. This category is meant to highlight student work (whether undergraduate or graduate) that is happening both within and without the classroom walls. The work in question does not have to be digital work; we celebrate the impact our students have, wherever – and however – it happens!


  • This category is meant to broadcast opportunities in history to the widest audience. These can be jobs, funding, internships, competitions, volunteer posts, publication possibilities, and so on, whether in Ottawa or further afield, and whether meant for students or professionals.


  • This category is meant to surface materials that can help our community in its work. Materials shared here can be everything from notices of new books, to journal articles, to workshops. We would also file here any materials produced by our Carleton community as well.

History in the News

  • History is always in the news. This category is meant to draw attention to the work of our community that is discussed in the regular news media, as well as events happening elsewhere where there is a particular historical dimension necessary to make sense of it – and that we in our community could do that sense making.

Calls for Papers

  • This category is meant to highlight any opportunities for students, faculty, or other folks to participate in conferences, collected volumes, journals, projects, whether at Carleton or elsewhere.

NB pieces that ‘pile on’ some sort of trending tag (whether on Twitter or elsewhere) will not be promoted via this site, if the effect is to compound the social media shaming (regardless of the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of the cause).  Pieces that discuss such events in a reflective manner from an informed historical point of view would be appropriate.