CFP – Francophone Caribbean Literature

The Literary Encyclopedia is looking for qualified writers to enhance its coverage of the various volumes of French literature. The list below is not comprehensive or final, and new proposals of writers/ works/context essays that are not currently listed in our database are also welcome. However, we will prioritize articles on writers and works frequently studied in university courses, and those that are highly topical and well-known.

In addition to publishing articles on canonical and much-taught literary works, the Encyclopedia  is also interested in making available information about important writers and works that are often neglected, and in publishing articles about discrete historical events which are relevant to literary understanding. It also seeks to broaden its scope to include more research-oriented articles with a pedagogic function, such as ‘Critical issues in title‘ or ‘Critical readings of author / title‘. If you are interested in contributing such an essay, please contact the relevant volume editor or the managing editor.


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Via Danielle Kinsey