Call for Posters – 2016 CHA Annual Meeting University of Calgary – May 30 & 31, June 1



Call for Posters

The Programme Committee for the 2016 Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting invites proposals for the Poster Session at the 2016 in Calgary.

Annual Meeting Theme: Stories

Telling Stories: What gives one the right to tell a story? How should it be told? What are the strengths and limitations of narrative forms? What shapes the relationship between historians and they people they study and work with? How does the perceived audience determine what we include and exclude from the narrative?

What is the Poster Session?

The Poster Session is a format for history presentations about projects using visual evidence. It offers an alternative for presenters eager to share their work through one-on-one discussion, can be especially useful for work-in-progress, and may be a particularly appropriate format for presentations where visual or material evidence represents a central component of the project.

When is the Poster Session?

The poster session will be scheduled as a conference session in the regular program when presenters will be there.  In addition, the posters will also be displayed in the CHA office throughout the CHA Meetings until Wednesday, June 1st at noon.

For more information, including Deadline, see:

Source: 2016 CHA Annual Meeting, University of Calgary – Call for Posters